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History and theory of choral music


The scientific musicological magazine “Polyphonies, history and theory of choral music” was launched in 2001 by the Foundation “Guido d’Arezzo” within the activity of the Study Centre Guidoniani. The Centre is the scientific enactment of the National Committee for the Celebrations of the Millennial from the birth of Guido d’Arezzo established in 2000. The journal was born thanks to the support of the most prestigious Italian Institution in the choral fields, which boasts an activity that is 67 years old and is known throughout the world. The cultural reference points of the journal have the purpose to study and to research into the field of the choral music of all the time, focusing on the theoretical, formal, technical-compositional, expressive, stylistic and aesthetic theories, on which in based the choral music’s history.


The purpose is inspired by the necessity to have cultural information on scientific bases, stimulated from the international choral music with its need to consolidate and the improve the executive practice.
With the amateur and socio-cultural activity it become more apparent, but it is also linked to the executive professionalism that involves the choir activity and the discographic production.

The request and the need of information about the polyphony’s history and the executive choir practice is emerged constantly during the 66 editions of the International Polyphonic Competition that has been held under the leadership of the Foundation from 1952 to 2018. The journal wants to give a proper answer to provide the cultural and artistic growth of the singers and choir directors of all the World. In order to spread the knowledge, sends freely the copies to researchers, to choir directors, to choral Associations, to libraries, to music institution of all the world, and you can read them on-line (on the Foundation’s website).

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