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«Polifonie. History and Theory of Choral Music» is the scholarly musicological journal of the Centro di Studi Guidoniani, published yearly by the “Guido d’Arezzo” Foundation. Founded in 2001 by Francesco Luisi following the millenary celebrations of Guido d’Arezzo’s birth, from 2019 it has a new editorial board of prominent international scholars to ensure the journal the highest quality and a leading role in its field.
«Polifonie» is devoted to the study of polyphonic and monodic vocal music, from the Middle Ages to the present day, both within and beyond the Western art tradition. The scope includes source-studies, palaeography, textual criticism, performance practice, music theory, music analysis, historical and archival studies, and interdisciplinary research in fields such as literature and art.
The journal promotes and shares the most recent research in these fields, to offer a critical forum to scholars, composers, choral conductors and singers and to encourage dialogue between research, composition, and performance practice.
It publishes articles in both Italian and English, assessed through a process of double-blind peer-review.
Distribution of the journal is annual and free of charge. Starting with the issue of 2019 – volume VII, new series (vol. XVI of the whole series) –, the journal will be published in two formats: paper – distributed on a complimentary basis to a number of national and international libraries, universities, research institutes, musicologists and choir directors – and online in open access. Previous issues are available in .pdf format at the link: https://www.polifonico.org/polifonie.


Claudio Santori

Associate Editor
Cecilia Luzzi

Editorial Board
Ferdinando Abbri (Università di Siena-Arezzo), David Burn (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Stefano Campagnolo (Biblioteca Marciana di Venezia), Mauro Casadei Turroni Monti (Università di Modena-Reggio Emilia), Stefano Mengozzi (University of Michigan), Arnaldo Morelli (Università dell’Aquila), Emiliano Ricciardi (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Cesarino Ruini (Università di Bologna), Katelijne Schiltz (Universität Regensburg), Thomas Schmidt (University of Huddersfield), Domenico Staiti (Università di Bologna), Rodobaldo Tibaldi (Università di Pavia-Cremona), Marco Uvietta (Università degli Studi di Trento), Philippe Vendrix (Université de Tours)

Editorial Staff
Lorenzo Donati, Alfredo Grandini, Cecilia Luzzi, Veronica Pederzolli, Claudio Santori

Editorial Assistant
Milena Basili

Guidelines for Contributors

Author Guidelines

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This post is also available in: it