It was legally established the 25th of August 1983, on the joint initiative taken by the Tuscany Region, by the Municipality and the Province of Arezzo and by the Association “Amici della Musica” of Arezzo. With the decree made the 25th of July 1984, by  the President of the Tuscany Regional Council it became a private juridical personality, and it began its own activity in 1985.

The Municipality of Arezzo with the municipal council’s deliberate act n. 21/2018 has approved the modification of the Foundation “Guido d’Arezzo” in order to provide all the functions that were carried out, until the 4th of June 2018, date of the definitive recognition of the supervisory authority of the Tuscany Region by the competent Municipal office.

The Foundation wants to guarantee the autonomy, the conservation purpose, the maintenance and the valorization of cultural goods, as well as the management and the promotion of museum activities, with consistency and continuity with historical functions  and specific tasks of each Arezzo’s cultural  facilities.

The Foundation’s aim is also to extend and consolidate the experience already done, from 1952, by the Association “Amici della Musica” of Arezzo, with the organization of the International Polyphonic Competition “Guido d’Arezzo” and, from 1974, with the International Competition of Composition “Guido d’Arezzo”.
These are complemented by the Competition “Nuove Voci per Guido”, reserved to choral schools, the National Competition of Composition “Canta Petrarca”, that has the intent to value the great fellow citizen poet’s work. Moreover, every 21st of June, the Fondazione takes care of the organization of an event dedicated to Guido d’Arezzo, creator of the modern musical writing method.

The Foundation is also responsible of the training, through the administration of a school for choir directors, of three years duration, and of publishing business, through the publication, in dual language, of a magazine that is about historical-musical topics in the specific field of choral theory and  practice.


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