Guidoneum Festival

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The GUIDONEUM FESTIVAL was born in 2007, with the purpose to provide an excellent frame to the International Polyphonic Competition and to others Foundation “Guido d’Arezzo”’s events, increasing the characteristic aspect through musical events assigned to professional groups, creating another moment of International meeting dedicated to the choral professionality in the name of Guido d’Arezzo.
Its realization was possible thanks to the Europe Commission, which with its competence appreciated the initiative and included the GUIDONEUM FESTIVAL in its prestigious “Culture Program”.

From 2016 the GUIDONEUM FESTIVAL was enriched with “Guido Day”’s event, a specific event dedicated to our grate fellow citizen, which is held every 21st of June, this day is universally dedicated to the Music Festival, the GUIDONEUM FESTIVAL has become a demonstration with an independent nature that wants to shows the results of the choral world professionalism represented by the “a cappella” style and by the “conertante” style, in an ideal context always dedicated to the amateur choral during which the education and the formation of the young develop.

The GUIDONEUM FESTIVAL’s reference and connection to the traditional International and National Polyphonic Competition “Guido d’Arezzo” wants to offer an added value to the two choral competitions’ consolidated reputation.

With the GUIDONEUM FESTIVAL we wanted to elect Guido d’Arezzo, as the supreme father of the music and the occidental music’s theory, as a reference point for the polyphonic choirs (as element of the identity of the European music tradition); operation that is well expressed with the “Guidoneum” term, inspired to the Guido’s magister and his city, symbol of an athenaeum that is the propulsion center of the choral art of all times and the base of didactic, research and divulgation activities from more than a century.


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